Nice things people have said

...the radiator is gorgeous and it installed perfectly.  I have tons of room to service the front of the motor, love it.  Thought you would like to see install photos.  I did a nice review thread on the HAMB as well. Read it here Thanks again.  I am a very satisfied customer. 


I just finished the radiator install.  It went together beautifully…… already knew that!     I will recommend you and your work every chance I get.  I am completely pleased.                                    Thank you, Wm.


Hello Brassworks, This is Michael Van Li****g in Ogden Utah. I just installed your new radiator on my 28 Model A Ford. Went for ride WOW what a difference. It had  been boiling over even on cool days. It now runs so nice and cool. Thanks for a great product it works great. Mike

Heater core works like a charm, good job. Fits like a glove. I'll tell my friends! John

The radiator arrived in good condition. Looks great, can't wait to get it back in service. Thanks! Tom


I opened up the box with a bit of trepidation...and then I saw craftsmanship at its finest.  I really don't want to put this radiator on the car, but hang it on the wall.  It is truly a thing of beauty!!!  Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you.  I suppose I'll just have to settle for the patina of the old radiator if I want to hang something on the wall!  I can't wait to make the swap.  You did an exquisite job and I have never been so impressed with a product.  I don't know how you can do this for such little money....AMAZING!!!
Martin L. "Larry" H.
Ellisville, MO 
I have a brass works external round brass gas tank, it is absolutely wonderful anyone that knows my cars knows that I go for bling bling this is absolutely perfect and I literally paid more for this tank than I did for the car that it’s going on of course I’m restoring the car but the brass works in my opinion are the best artisans out there and they don’t know me from a bag of hay and I want to tell you they are fantastic And I could not recommend anyone better.
Gary on FB