1930-1931 Ford AA Commercial Truck 6 FPI Dimpled face Radiator


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This radiator is intended as a drop in replacement for the 1930 and 1931 Ford AA Commercial  truck and set-up for the OE engine in its production year.  It has 6 fins per vertical inch and a hand dimpled face to replicate the OE look.  Other features include a deep drawn tank with an OE stamp pattern, a deeper cast stay-rod bracket, electric wire tabs, galvanized steel sidewalls, and riveted brackets for a longer life. 

If you have modified or altered your vehicle in anyway, please order from the bespoke radiator section.  If you wish to restore your OE radiator using your OE tanks, brackets and/or castings please visit the restoration section of our website to begin the process.

Made in the USA (and made with 99.99% North American sourced materials!)