1930-1931 Ford "Economy" 6FPI Radiator
1930-1931 Ford "Economy" 6FPI Radiator
1930-1931 Ford "Economy" 6FPI Radiator
1930-1931 Ford "Economy" 6FPI Radiator
1930-1931 Ford "Economy" 6FPI Radiator
1930-1931 Ford "Economy" 6FPI Radiator

1930-1931 Ford "Economy" 6FPI Radiator

30-31FT 6 FPI Economy

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We believe in producing the best, most authentic looking radiator but we also understand a budget.  To that end we created an "Economy" radiator for the budget minded Model A owner.  This radiator will replacement the 1930-1931 Ford car or car based pick-up truck.  We save time and materials and you save money when we use a smooth top tank, maintain the OE fin density, omit the rivets and wire tabs for the electric lights.  

For a little more money, you may also consider our 30-31FT with 40% more copper fins and D30-31FT with hand dimpled fin face for more authentic look.

If you have modified or altered your vehicle in anyway, please order from the bespoke radiator section.  If you wish to restore your OE radiator using your OE tanks, brackets and/or castings please visit the restoration section of our website to begin the process.

Features of the 1930-31 Model A and Model AA radiators include:

  • Copper core with 6 fins per inch
  • Embossed louvers between tubes to disrupt air flow & facilitate heat exchange
  • 3/4" seamless weld tubes in a staggered array to disrupt airflow laterally
  • Drawn brass top tank
  • Galvanized steel sidewalls to resist rust
  • Stay rod bracket for support rods to firewall
  • Baffle in top tank to prevent coolant loss
  • Correct angle on lower outlet to clear power house generators
  • Painted flat black to aid in heat exchange

Made in the USA (and made with 99.99% North American sourced materials!)

Use of aftermarket stay rods (often in chrome or stainless) will cause your radiator to tilt forward and result in hood-to-shell separation.

We make to order. Please allow adequate time for us to build.


Guesstimated build times (updated April 1st) 

1909-1916 Ford Radiators ~28 weeks

1917-1927 Ford Radiators.~21 weeks 

1928-1931 Ford Radiators ~14 weeks

Other radiators, restorations ~18-24 weeks

Fuel tanks are ~24-26 weeks

Most heater cores are 14 weeks

Please read the terms and condition regarding cancelled order fees.