Maserati 2000-2007 Spyder Coupe or GranSport Heater Core

HC 00-07 Maserati

Regular price $625.00

Are you questioning the logic of replacing your Maserati heater core constructed of aluminum, plastic and glue with another made the exact same way or a 92-98 Saab 9000 heater core that may (or may not) fit? Or perhaps it is the price tag of the OEM part and the necessary plenum which houses it.  Or even the 12-14 hours of labor you'll spend wedged under the dash gambling on glue.  Either way, we have you covered with our copper and brass hand fabricated alternative. 

We try to keep this heater core in stock but may need to fabricate it.  Our build queue varies, but please allow at least 3-4 weeks.

Made in the USA