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AC Cobra Radiator kit

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Angling a radiator 20 degrees, placing it 10" from the nose and putting a transmission cooler 5" in front of the core is no way to cool a Cobra's engine.  A pulley company sent a frustrated customer to us for a solution after his aluminum one could not do the job.

This solution includes 3-1/2" copper radiator, 2 SPAL fans, two hose-installed temperature sensors (for managed amp draw and reduce fan noise), wiring harness, two relays and draincock.  Indicate engine when ordering and provide the name of the kit eg. Shell Valley, Factory Five etc.

We are often asked by prospective customers to “just re-core my radiator.”  We do not just re-core a radiator, rod out cores or hot tank a radiator in caustic chemicals.   These may be time saving techniques but they can damage, weaken or shorten the life of your radiator.  Furthermore, these terms suggest quick and easy fixes to fundamental problems, weak brittle metal, clogged tubes or compromised joints or seams.  Shortcuts invite problems and we don't want problems.  Instead we offer a thorough restoration service.  Read more about the process

    We make to order. Please allow adequate time for us to build.


    Guesstimated build times (updated Oct 1st) 

    1909-1916 Ford Radiators ~32 weeks

    1917-1927 Ford Radiators.~20 weeks 

    1928-1931 Ford Radiators ~18 weeks

    Other radiators, restorations ~26 weeks

    Fuel tanks are ~24-26 weeks

    Most heater cores are 18 weeks

    Please read the terms and condition regarding cancelled order fees.