Empty box for sending us a radiator for restoration or patterning

box 33x24x11

Regular price $65.00

People love our boxes and foamed radiator and when we found out what making a crate was costing in time and resource and freight charges we know why.  We created this product to make life easier.

  • This is an empty box for shipping a radiator to us for a restoration. 
  • We have foamed your radiator (or similar radiator), removed the radiator and are shipping the empty box and foam to you.
  • We email you the invoice and adjust the freight up or down on the final bill. 
  • You receive it, open the box, insert the radiator.
  • We email a return label and you drop off the radiator at a UPS shipping facility or UPS store or any friendly business willing to permit you to include the box as part of their outbound shipping.

What size do you need?

  • Fedex & UPS require 3" of foam protection around the shipped object
  • 33x24x11 - good for mid size radiators e.g. 32 ford, 33 chevy , 41 dodge
  • 29x29x15 - good for the short and wide e.g. 40 ford, radiator with fan &fan shroud
  • 34x29x15 - good for deep tanks & tall radiators e.g. 35 ford, 30s packards etc.

We hope this helps make like easier.