Honeycomb fascia

Honeycomb fascia

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We utilize a metal honeycomb pattern fascia to mimic the core pattern used in early Chevrolet radiators.  It has 1/4" depth and is 1/4" across the flats.  When placed against a 10 or 11FPI core it resembles the OE core pattern but without the cost. 

It will push the core back toward the core 1/4".

We make to order. Please allow adequate time for us to build.


Guesstimated build times (updated April 1st) 

1909-1916 Ford Radiators ~28 weeks

1917-1927 Ford Radiators.~21 weeks 

1928-1931 Ford Radiators ~14 weeks

Other radiators, restorations ~18-24 weeks

Fuel tanks are ~24-26 weeks

Most heater cores are 14 weeks

Please read the terms and condition regarding cancelled order fees.