Model A with a 2-1/2" chop
Model A with a 2-1/2" chop

Model A with a 2-1/2" chop

orphan - 30-31 w/ 2.5" chop (no shell)

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We are selling this orphan for a customer who upon seeing the stance preferred a standard height.  We are waiting for his price so until we hear back - make an offer

  • 1930-1931 with 2-1/2" chop
  • 2-5/8" thick core
  • Set up for a small block Chevy e.g. 1.5 top, 1.75 bottom
  • Pie shaped overflow tank, 13psi cap, draincock
  • Image shows a 1928-1929 Model A shell on the radiator - SHELL NOT FOR SALE
  • We make to order. Please allow adequate time for us to build.


    Guesstimated build times (updated Oct 1st) 

    1909-1916 Ford Radiators ~32 weeks

    1917-1927 Ford Radiators.~20 weeks 

    1928-1931 Ford Radiators ~18 weeks

    Other radiators, restorations ~26 weeks

    Fuel tanks are ~24-26 weeks

    Most heater cores are 18 weeks

    Please read the terms and condition regarding cancelled order fees.