Stewart carburetor  float
Stewart carburetor  float

Stewart carburetor float

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 Its not our normal request but when a customer brought us his single twist Rubes brass horn c. 1913 with so many cracks that it would no longer honk, we could not say no.  We disassembled and cleaned all surfaces, removed the dents, soldered it back together and tested.  With our screw driven air compressor pressure it honked rather loudly.  We gave it a nice shine and sent it back out into the world.  

We make to order. Please allow adequate time for us to build.


Guesstimated build times 

1909-1934 Ford Radiators and most heater cores are ~11-13 weeks

Other radiators, radiator restorations, custom radiators and fuel tanks are ~16-18 weeks

(updated Sept 1st)