VW 2012-2022 Passat and Beetle heater core

HC 12-22 Beetle Passat

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Did you plug up the heater core in your Passat or Beetle?  Bummer.  Our copper brass and steel heater cores for the 2015 Passat and Beetles produced between 2012 and 2022 have larger passages and are made to last.  This build is based on a pattern provided to us and may fit other years.

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Guesstimated build times (updated April 1st) 

1909-1916 Ford Radiators ~28 weeks

1917-1927 Ford Radiators.~21 weeks 

1928-1931 Ford Radiators ~14 weeks

Other radiators, restorations ~18-24 weeks

Fuel tanks are ~24-26 weeks

Most heater cores are 14 weeks

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